Anne Böddeker:
Picture "Dinner for one: Party is over (Fingerfood)" (2021) (Unique piece)
Proportional view
Picture "Dinner for one: Party is over (Fingerfood)" (2021) (Unique piece)
Anne Böddeker:
Picture "Dinner for one: Party is over (Fingerfood)" (2021) (Unique piece)

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unique piece | signed | oil on canvas | unframed | size 110 x 130 cm

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Picture "Dinner for one: Party is over (Fingerfood)" (2021) (Unique piece)
Anne Böddeker: Picture "Dinner for one: Party is over (Fi...

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Picture "Dinner for one: Party is over (Fingerfood)" (2021) (Unique piece)

The painting "Party is over (Fingerfood)" from the series "Dinner for one" pictorially narrates a Mediterranean dinner. Anne Böddeker's work evokes a wide variety of associations: one wonders who the dinner guests might be, what they might look like and what occasion brought them together. However, the artist is the only protagonist; she drinks and dines all by herself and transfers the table arrangement with oil paints onto a canvas.

Oil on canvas, 2021. Signed. Unframed. Size stretched on stretcher frame 110 x 130 cm as shown.

About Anne Böddeker

Where the states of matter merge, at the seam between sea and sky, Anne Böddeker (born in 1966) invites the viewer to stop for a moment.

The view of the sea, a person on the beach, the play with light, the longing for the perfection of nature - these are just some of the themes to which the artist devotes herself with her oil paintings. She deals with the theme of the sea in all its facets, from the German North Sea to the Pacific Ocean. The paintings show agitated water as well as quiet moments of contemplation in the misty German Wadden Sea, always a mirror of human existence, silence and emotions.

"In my paintings, I always take a close look at the sea in its intensity and contradictoriness, the moment between beauty and threat, the transience of the moment and how we humans find ourselves in it."

For her new series, the artist visited the Nevada desert for the Burning Man Festival. The art event draws 70,000 people each year into a surreal, "Mad Max"-like world. In the dust storm of the desert, Böddeker found new motifs, which she captured back in her studio.

Anne Böddeker lives and works in Hamburg. She has been exhibiting regularly in solo exhibitions in Germany and Finland for 20 years.