Rüdiger Brassel

Rüdiger Brassel was born in Siegburg, Germany, on 2 January 1946. After graduating from school, he did an apprenticeship as a decorative painter from 1960 to 1963 and then attended the Grafische Fachschule in Bonn, Germany. Since 1963 he has produced studies in oil, watercolour and tempera. In 1978, he produced his first pen and ink drawings.

Since the same year, Rüdiger Brassel has been working as a freelance artist. His works can be seen in solo exhibitions in Germany and Switzerland and joint exhibitions such as Art-Expo New York and Basel.

Brassel is an excellent draughtsman and painter who has mastered his craft to perfection. With dedication and a maximum of precision, he paints impressive landscapes and still lifes that impress with their idyllic atmosphere and natural charm.