Mady Braun

Mady Braun's advertisement pictures show strange, bizarre worlds of taste and life. They tell of the mysterious existence of curious things and occurrences. It is not the article offered or the service itself that is funny. What is funny is how it is portrayed. Mady Braun skilfully overplays the original concept and gives it its very own touch. Image and text form a curious symbiosis.

Mady Braun finds the motifs for her works in the inexhaustible supply of original newspaper advertisements. Bizarre classified advertisements, written by private sellers with a bland seriousness. Mady Braun gives these pictureless classified ads a face - inconspicuous everyday objects become art. The objects are always shown in front of a monochrome background, just like the advertisements from our grandmother's time. The artist does not conceal the original advertising text but includes it as a footer. Pictorial seduction - to make you smile.


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