Portrait of the artist Hans Rabanser

Hans Rabanser

Hans Rabanser, born in 1948 in Val Gardena in South Tyrol, devoted himself to wood sculpture after 30 years of working as a photographer. He works as a freelance artist, and his works have been shown in exhibitions from Munich and Cologne to Malindi in Kenya.

Rabanser works mainly in the outdoors, where he finds the inspiration and tranquillity for his sculptures. "My sculptures are created spontaneously – depending on how the tree has grown and shaped," says Hans Rabanser. That is how he creates his unique forms, which make his sculptures a sensual experience.

Rabanser carves breathtaking torsos from whole tree trunks. He works the material intensively until a fine surface emerges from the hardwood. The grain of the wood and the original tree bark preserved in some sculptures give each torso something special.

Rabanser explicitly sees his works as a "seduction" for the viewers – and more than that, he also invites them to feel the smooth forms with their fingertips. In this way, his art literally become a "sensual" experience. Because beauty is not just a visual matter.