Portrait of the artist Yves Rasch

Yves Rasch

Yves Rasch, born in 1979 in Hamburg, has been working as a freelance sculptor using wood and bronze since 2002. He was a student of Erich Gerer from 2004 to 2009. Since 2005, he has regularly participated in national and international symposia and exhibitions.

His works are expressive sculptures that present themselves as a shell of inner tension. They possess a palpable and physical presence without being figurative. The figures seem to be sufficient unto themselves and thus rest in space. In his forms, Rasch combines equally the principles of dynamics, stillness and harmony, and by doing so, he creates sculptures that demonstrate movement within the unmoving. From different angles, he produces a shape that finds a constantly new expression. His wooden originals – formed over countless hours from whole blocks – appear free, light and filigree despite their mass. His bronzes are casts of these unique wooden sculptures.


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