Jonny Star

The artist and curator Jonny Star (born 1964) lives and works in Berlin. In the 1980s, she became part of the West Berlin subculture. Star found her way to visual arts via studies in psychology at the TU Berlin, extended stays abroad, running a cult bar, fashion and farming. Star's works have been exhibited internationally since 1996.

In her artistic work, Star poses the question of why individuals and society need art. She examines the relationship between art and everyday life and how our society is aware of the necessity of art. Star explores the meaning and purpose of her existence as an artist. She investigates the reality of her work and life as a woman in a patriarchal society, its gender roles and fixed definitions, and develops humorous and effective strategies for overcoming them.

Star's biographical experiences and everyday observations serve as the starting point for her works. In her space-related installations, associative sculptures made of bronze, fabric objects, collages and photographs combine to form spatial allegories that make private mythology tangible. Since 1996, Jonny Star has initiated a wide variety of art projects in Berlin, and since 2013 SUPERUSCHI has served as a platform for her current curatorial activities.