Peter Strang

German sculptor, born in 1936 in Dresden

Hardly any other sculptor has left his mark on the tradition-steeped Meissen porcelain, like Peter Strang. He was born in 1936 in Dresden, Germany, and is known for his wall sculptures, portraits and sculptures made of fine porcelain.

After his training at the State Porcelain Manufactory, Strang took up studies at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts and returned to the Meissen Manufactory in 1959 as a graduate sculptor. In 1973, he was appointed artistic director of the State Porcelain Manufactory. Since 2001, Strang has been working as a freelance artist. Throughout his career, he was awarded many prizes, such as the "Art Prize of the GDR", the "National Prize for Literature and Art" and the "Saxon Order of Merit".


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