Jutta Votteler

Jutta Votteler was born in 1959 in Ludwigshafen, Germany. She imaginatively creates magical worlds in her paintings, in which nature and fairytale-like forebodings are united.

The artist studied art education and German language and literature at the University of Mainz. After working as an art teacher for several years, Jutta Votteler began working as a freelance artist in 1991 and became known through numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

With her sense of harmony and colour composition, she creates worlds in which the combination of domestic and exotic personage never ceases to surprise. The lightness of a bird, flowers, blossoms, leaves as big as trees, a moon that looks like a fruit – this and much more lead the viewer into a Garden of Eden, a landscape of the imagination, full of lightness, playfulness and joie de vivre.

For over 20 years now, she has been an integral part of the contemporary art scene. And every time, she manages to transform the world of art in the most beautiful way.