BJ Keith:
Steel sculpture "Cross Wind"
BJ Keith:
Steel sculpture "Cross Wind"

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(stainless) steel | coated | handmade | size 236 x 61 x 31 cm (h/w/d) | weight approx. 40 kg | weatherproof

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Steel sculpture "Cross Wind"
BJ Keith: Steel sculpture "Cross Wind"

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Steel sculpture "Cross Wind"

A billowing sail on the high seas? This fantastic, curved sculpture rises against the sky, supported by a small piece of metal, embodying power, pure beauty and boundless freedom. A breathtaking work of art - very close to the sea.

Sculpture made of stainless steel, pedestal made of steel, coated black. Handmade. Suitable for indoors and outdoors. Size incl. pedestal 236 x 61 x 31 cm (h/w/d). Weight approx. 40 kg.

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About BJ Keith

For almost thirty years, American artist BJ Keith has been creating table and wall sculptures for Artisan House in her studio in Altadena, California. In recent years, she has focused on abstract structures that leave room for interpretations and associations. Keith's sculptures take full effect when light hits them. The changing daylight or an artful illumination brings them to life.

The origin of BJ Keith's works lies in the implied movement and the balance of the elements. Her incomparable, perfectly formed sculptures catch the spirit of the times.