Bracelet "Egyptian Bastet"
Bracelet "Egyptian Bastet"

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tin | gold-plated | semi-precious stones | bracelet length approx. 19 cm | width 1.7 cm

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Bracelet "Egyptian Bastet"
Bracelet "Egyptian Bastet"

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Bracelet "Egyptian Bastet"

According to Egyptian mythology, Bastet is the daughter of the sun god Re, who is depicted as a cat goddess. In the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, the cat was declared the sacred animal of Bastet. This bracelet captivates with its feline charm, grace and elegance.

Bracelet with beads of turquoise, carnelian and sodalite with small craft cats. The cats and all the other gold elements are made of gold-plated tin. With toggle clasp. Length approx. 19 cm, width 1.7 cm.

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