Falko Hamm:
Sculpture "Blue Cat", bronze
Falko Hamm:
Sculpture "Blue Cat", bronze

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 99 copies | numbered | signed | bronze | size 12 x 22 x 7 cm (w/h/d) | weight 1.8 kg

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Sculpture "Blue Cat", bronze
Falko Hamm: Sculpture "Blue Cat", bronze

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Sculpture "Blue Cat", bronze

Falko Hamm's sculptures are characterised by a very special visual language in which he combines figurative with abstract elements. His bronze sculpture, titled "Blue Cat", gets by with the essential features of the animal. Even though his sculpture almost only shows outlines, the motif remains recognisable.

Sculpture in fine bronze, cast using the Lost-Wax-Process. Limited edition of 99 copies, numbered and signed. Size 12 x 22 x 7 cm (w/h/d). Weight 1,8 kg. ars mundi Exclusive Edition.

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About Falko Hamm


Since the early 1970s, Falko Hamm was a freelance painter, graphic artist and sculptor. He had numerous solo and group exhibitions in cities like San Francisco, Berlin, Utrecht, Aberdeen, Paris and Zurich.

His oeuvre also contains many commissioned works, e.g. for the German telecommunications company Telekom, Radisson Hotels or the German brand of cooperative banks Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken.