Giacomo Manzù:
Picture "La Lettera T", framed
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Picture "La Lettera T", framed
Giacomo Manzù:
Picture "La Lettera T", framed

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limited, 5,000 copies | signed | colour lithograph | hand-glided frame | passe-partout | size 40 x 50 cm

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Picture "La Lettera T", framed
Giacomo Manzù: Picture "La Lettera T", framed

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Picture "La Lettera T", framed

Giacomo Manzù created the depiction of the letter T as part of the series "The Letters of the Alphabet" with the masterful depiction of a dancer symbolising the letter through her posture. The piece radiates a cheerful lightness of form and colour. An original detail: Manzù wanted that the holes of the spiral binding of the sheet that had been torn out of the sketchpad to be included as part of the effect of the picture.

Lithograph ("a stampa") in five colours, signed by the artist. Limited edition of 5,000 copies. Framed in a solid wood model frame with bevel cut passe-partout. Size 40 x 50 cm.

About Giacomo Manzù


Giacomo Manzù was not only one of Italy's leading sculptors but also, together with Carlo Carrà, Alberto Giacometti, Marino Marini and Henry Moore, one of the most important ones of the 20th century. His works, characterised by the contrast of youthful grace and religious, dogmatic austerity, are masterly acts of balance between spirituality and reality, modernity and antiquity.

Already in 1938, Manzù exhibited at the 21st Venice Biennale. This was followed by exhibitions in Milan, Paris and New York. With the given theme "Triumph of the Saints and the Martyrs of the Church", Manzù designed a door for St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, which is named the "Door of the Death". In 1955, he got the commission to design the main door of Salzburg Cathedral.

Giacomo Manzù broke new ground with his monumental sculptures. Even in his drawing work, he sought to capture the essence of a form without naturalistic garrulity.