Greg Gorman:
Set of 2 pictures "Female Torso" + "Echo Johnson", framed
Greg Gorman:
Set of 2 pictures "Female Torso" + "Echo Johnson", framed

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limited, 250 copies each | numbered | signed | photography on paper | framed | glazed | size 86.6 x 66.6 cm (h/w) each

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Set of 2 pictures "Female Torso" + "Echo Johnson", framed
Greg Gorman: Set of 2 pictures "Female Torso" + "Echo Joh...

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Set of 2 pictures "Female Torso" + "Echo Johnson", framed

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Aktfotografie der Spitzenklasse von Hollywoods berühmtem Fotografen jetzt bei ars mundi. In einer weltweit limitierten Auflage von nur 250 nummerierten Exemplaren wurden diese grandiosen Aktfotografien im hochwertigem Duotone-Verfahren auf 240g schwerem Aquarello Stucco Papier reproduziert. Die aufwendige Produktion entstand in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Greg Gorman: Jeder Abzug ist vom Fotografen von Hand signiert!

Limitierte Weltauflage jeweils 250 Exemplare, nummeriert und von Greg Gorman signiert. Blattformat je 80 x 60 cm (H/B). Gerahmt in Massivholz-Modellrahmung, verglast. Format jeweils 86,6 x 66,6 cm (H/B).

About Greg Gorman

Hollywood's world-famous photographer.

Greg Gorman is undoubtedly one of the most important photographers of our time. For over 30 years, he has made a name for himself as a portrait photographer of almost all Hollywood film and music celebrities: Sharon Stone, Leonardo di Caprio, Marlon Brando, Richard Gere, Arnold Schwarzenegger, just to name a few.

Gorman's nude photographs are also famous around the world and are exhibited internationally in the most prestigious galleries. With his unmistakable style, his love for strong contrasts and extreme plays of light and shadow, he manages to bring out the most distinctive about each of his models. Gorman's nude portraits combine erotic charisma with classical aesthetics, human nature with timeless beauty, empathy with seduction.