Icon "The Birth of Christ", framed
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Icon "The Birth of Christ", framed
Icon "The Birth of Christ", framed

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screenprint on canvas and wood | sealed | hand-patinated | certificate | size 32 x 42 cm

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Icon "The Birth of Christ", framed
Icon "The Birth of Christ", framed

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Icon "The Birth of Christ", framed

Icons are consecrated cult images of the Eastern Church that are revered as "windows to the afterlife" to this day and are painted according to strict iconographic guidelines. This 16th-century masterpiece belongs to the unique icon treasury of the Stavronikita Monastery on the holy Mount Athos. "The Birth of Christ" shows the entire Christmas story in radiant colours. In the centre is the Holy Family: Mary and Joseph kneel praying in front of the newborn, who, according to Byzantine tradition, is nestled in a cave in the manger. The grace of God shines in a ray directly from heaven. Furthermore, the three wise men from the East arrive to bring gold, frankincense and myrrh. The shepherds in the field receive the good news from heavenly hosts. Special attention should be paid to the angel on the right: A line above his nimbus is considered a sign of divine speech. The inscription in Greek letters means "The Birth of Christ".

A special screen printing process is used to reproduce this masterpiece of icon art. More than 50 printing processes are required to transfer the intensity and density of the colours authentically and absolutely gridless onto canvas and wood. The shimmering gold background is achieved with metal leaves. Finally, the icon is sealed and patinated by hand. The elaborate manufacturing process is confirmed on the certificate with a seal on the back!

Size 32 x 42 cm.

A tip: In Orthodox households, icons are often illuminated with candlelight in almost complete darkness. In this way, your icon unfolds an almost magical luminosity and radiance!

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