Bowls / Trays

Selected dishes and exquisite appetisers are a treat for all the senses. By lovingly arranging them on design bowls and design trays, these culinary delights captivate the eye. Here, you will discover extraordinary variations of tableware that can also serve as decorative accents on their own.

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Design Bowls and Trays

Design Trays and Bowls - Because They Say the Eye Eats First

A freshly baked cake, healthy fruits and vegetables, handmade antipasti made from the finest ingredients - dining is more than just taking in food. It caresses the soul, seduces our senses, and surprises us with its variety of flavours and taste nuances. So, what could be more fitting than serving elaborately prepared food in a suitable form? Prepared in elaborately crafted decorative bowls made of glass, in serving bowls made of precious porcelain or on an artistically decorated design tray, appetisers, main courses, and desserts become even more appetising. They get the presentation they deserve. Whether at a party with good friends, an evening soiree in the garden, or a festive day with the whole family, these artistic bowls and trays provide the perfect setting to fully savour the culinary delights.

Decorative Trays and Bowls - Variety in Colour, Function and Style

Our design trays and bowls have been meticulously designed with great attention to detail. Explore the range of stylistic diversity. Inspired by the great masterpieces of art, you will find porcelain bowls decorated with famous works by Pablo Picasso, wooden trays featuring excerpts from Emil Nolde's œuvre, or filigree glass creations with colours and shapes inspired by nature. Equally diverse is the function of these design bowls. In addition to classic serving dishes for prepared food and fruit platters and baskets, we also offer planting trays, containers, boxes with lids as well as complete service sets. Of course, always in an artistic design so that these objects become the highlight on any table and every dining table.

Buying Trays and Bowls - Limited Designs and Exclusive Designs

Behind the intricate art of ceramic, glass, wood and metal design bowls and trays are renowned brands and labels. Some of them are exclusive creations, such as those produced by the Loranto glassworks in collaboration with international artists. Other bowls and trays are available exclusively as ars mundi Exclusive Editions. Many of these bowls and trays become sought-after art objects that appeal not only to connoisseurs of stylish dining but also to collectors. When combined with other design interior items - such as vases and vessels, candleholders or tea lights and lanterns - you can create a unique home décor that adds an individual touch to your home.