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Easter-Bonus Discount at ars mundi - 6.5% discount on online purchases (except books, calendars and gift vouchers) - 21 February 2024 - 3 March 2024


The flickering of candlelight is associated with comfort, relaxation, and tranquillity. However, candles not only create a positive atmosphere when lit. Placed in a design candlestick, they always capture everyone's attention and stylishly influence the atmosphere of a room.

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Design Candlesticks

Design Candlesticks - Atmospheric Moments With Candlelight

In earlier times, the glow of firelight and candlelight was the only way to illuminate rooms after sunset. Therefore, the use of candles and candlesticks was primarily functional at that time. Nevertheless, artfully designed decorative candlesticks existed many hundreds of years ago, for example, in the homes of the better-off or in sacred buildings. This tradition remains unchanged to this day, although candlelight is now used more for mood lighting than as the sole source of room illumination. Exceptional design candlesticks provide the appropriate setting for atmospherically flickering candlelight. Furthermore, they inspire as objects of art even when the candle wick is not lit. Those who choose exclusive candlesticks deliberately set accents in room design, emphasising individuality and style.

Extraordinary Candlesticks - Variety in Shape and Colour

Just as versatile and diverse as the candles as sources of light can be, the matching candlesticks can also be equally versatile. A look at our selection of design candlesticks strongly proves this: From simple and plain creations, modern models made of wood, to extravagant design candlesticks based on the designs of Friedensreich Hundertwasser or the humorous classics by Loriot. The candlestick designs are equally diverse when it comes to the choice of colours. From dark and muted natural tones to vibrant colours, antique patina and radiant shine, there is a suitable object for every taste. Thus, the decorative candlesticks become eye-catchers on shelves, sideboards, or tables as well as in combination with other furniture.

Buy Candlesticks - From Design Classics to Modern Art

Our selection of design candlesticks includes various design classics, such as the famous early Romanesque St. Bernward candlestick as bronzed cast metal. Hand-painted porcelain candlesticks in a historical style are also part of our selection. Especially extravagant are the limited edition design candlesticks by artists such as Ernst Fuchs or Paul Wunderlich. These design candlesticks are art objects that come to your home numbered and signed.

Are you in the mood for a chic, modern candlestick that fits perfectly into your high-quality interior? Then the objects by Spring Copenhagen, Pols Potten or Lladró are perfect for you. Whether urban city flair with a deliberately humorous touch, modern art, or Scandinavian style - you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for among our selection of design candlesticks.