Carpets are much more than just floor coverings: Exceptional carpets can significantly influence the ambience of your home, provide comfort and atmosphere, and even improve acoustics. Here, you will discover a carefully curated selection of designer carpets that will stylishly enhance your space.

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Exceptional Carpets

Designer Carpets - Carpet Art that Enlivens Every Space

Humans have known carpets as a cultural asset for thousands of years. The woven, braided, or knotted fabrics were initially purely functional and mainly designed for personal use. In the course of time, the carpet advanced into a decorative object that adorned not only the floor but also the walls. Elaborately designed carpets were and still are luxury items, with prices that can easily reach five-figure prices, depending on the manufacturing method, material, and appearance. Especially the so-called Oriental or Persian carpets are considered interior treasures of special value. However, exceptional carpets do not have to be extremely expensive: In our selection, you will discover many works from contemporary carpet art that stand out in every aspect from the standard and are still affordable. They harmonise perfectly with our extraordinary furniture, lamps, room objects, vases, and vessels, all of which inspire with their impressive designs.

Special Carpets - Material and Workmanship Decide

Pure new wool, synthetic fibre, cotton or felt - the material of a designer carpet not only determines the appearance of the furnishing object but also its texture and durability. Robust materials that can withstand various stresses and demands of everyday life are just as much a must as pleasantly soft structures that caress the skin even when walking barefoot. After all, the exceptional carpets in your home should not only be a mere decoration but also transform every step you take into a foot-pleasing experience. To achieve this, no compromises should be made in the craftsmanship: Whether a carpet in the style of Modern Art, Impressionism or Expressionism - all the exceptional carpets in our selection impress with their outstanding quality. Some of the pieces are even hand-tufted. You will find the corresponding note in the respective product descriptions. There, you will also learn whether the designer carpet is suitable for underfloor heating.

Extraordinary Carpets - Motifs and Colours Full of Expressiveness

The exceptional carpets in our assortment are clearly different from classic carpeting: From dynamic colour explosions to refined patterns and artistic motifs, there is a suitable piece for every taste. Discover motif carpets by artists such as Gustav Klimt or Paul Klee, be inspired by unique designs featuring cute hedgehogs, penguins, or graphic patterns, or immerse yourself in the calming effect of warm natural tones. Among the special carpets in our collection, you will also find the ideal colour and motif composition for your interior design style. In this way, you can perfectly round off the individuality of your personal style of living.