Furniture gives a room its individual character, whether as purely decorative objects or functional elements - with us, you will discover a variety of extraordinary furniture pieces that allow you to create artistic and immersive experiences in your spaces.

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Extraordinary Furniture

Extraordinary Furniture - Perfect Symbiosis of Form and Function

Originally, furniture served one main purpose: to make the stay in one's own home more comfortable. Chairs, beds, and tables were designed purely for functionality for many centuries, and only the well-off could afford special furniture that also impressed aesthetically. Today, the situation has changed significantly: There is an overwhelming abundance of furniture. Large furnishing stores produce mass-produced items in various pleasing styles and from inexpensive materials. However, those interested in extraordinary furniture and seeking a skilful fusion of form, function, and quality will find their ideal match in our high-quality design furniture.

Modern Designer Furniture - From Minimalism to Avant-Garde

Modern furniture from artistically inspired and innovative labels presents itself in exceptional styles. There are special pieces of furniture that draw inspiration from interior classics and are executed in contemporary designs. There are minimalist-modern furniture pieces exuding a purist beauty and allure. Additionally, there are extravagantly and avant-garde designed items that captivate with their unprecedented radiance, unique shapes, and the use of surprising materials. In short, many of our extraordinary pieces of furniture are more art than traditional furnishings. Nevertheless, they all fulfil their intended function brilliantly - from stools to side tables.

Chairs, Stools and Chests of Drawers - Special Furniture for Every Room

Our special furniture pieces distinguish themselves from mere decorative objects as they not only impress with their stunning looks but also serve a purpose. Just like our lamps and carpets or our table and wall clocks. Thanks to this functionality, they enrich your spaces not only on the design level: From comfortable armchairs for the reception area of a law firm to multifunctional side tables for the bedroom, and even extravagant stools for the living room - the range of our extraordinary furniture is vast. There's even something for the youngest design fans in early childhood.

Extravagant Materials for Unique Furniture Pieces

If you want to buy special furniture, you surely value inspiring designs and practical functionality. Ideally, extraordinary furniture should also be made from premium materials and crafted with the utmost quality. For example, the stools/side tables from Pols Potten are made from synthetic resin with 12 layers of lacquer. Or the wooden dressers from Tom's Drag are painted and lacquered by hand. With these special furniture pieces, you can feel and see the passion invested in each individual design and the entire manufacturing process.