Light in a room not only fulfils a practical function – with the right illumination, you can also establish stylistic accents and create an atmospheric ambience. The design of the lamp significantly contributes to both. Discover extraordinary lamps in a variety of classic and modern designs with us.

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Extraordinary Lamps

Extraordinary Lamps - For Unique Lighting Concepts

Whether in a practice room, an office, or your own bedroom - the lighting of a space significantly influences how comfortable you feel, not just during the evening hours. Therefore, individual lighting concepts and innovative lighting ideas have been a trend for years, often implemented by interior designers through the use of extraordinary lamps. After all, the impact of a room is shaped not only by the light but also by the light-emitting object as a whole.

Rather than average table and floor lamps from mass production, striking designer lamps are always in demand. These special lamps possess the remarkable ability to masterfully achieve both atmospheric illuminations and stand out as focal points even when turned off. The level of uniqueness desired in these extraordinary lamps can be a matter of personal preference. Large floor lamps and distinctive table lamps can harmoniously blend into the interior or even become the centrepiece of the entire furnishing ensemble.

Modern Lamps from Renowned Designer Labels - Clean Looks and Humours Designs

A glimpse at our selection of special lamps reveals the immense stylistic diversity that lighting objects can encompass. For instance, there are modern lamps and designer lights that capture attention with their clean looks. A prime example of this is the elegant design from the label Superliving, which seamlessly blends minimalism with the typical Scandinavian hygge feeling. In contrast, you will find playfully humorous designer lamps from Piffany Copenhagen, Werkwaardig, or Sompex. These lamps become captivating eye-catchers with a touch of whimsy, clearly setting themselves apart from traditional lamps and lights.

Classic Art Lamps - Inspired by Great Design Classics and Artists

Some of the extraordinary lamps in our selection are real interior icons. After all, who is not familiar with the lamps created by Louis Comfort Tiffany, which are undeniably some of the most beautiful works of Art Nouveau as glass artworks? Our ars mundi Tiffany lamps impressively imitate the unmistakable style and also inspire with outstanding quality. The same holds true for two other Art Nouveau classics: the "Admiral" mushroom lamp and the "Emeralite" banker's lamp. Skilfully crafted from exclusive materials like opal glass, these extraordinary lamps on the desk become unmistakable eye-catchers, just like other pieces of furniture. In addition to these ars mundi lamps inspired by prominent models, you will discover numerous other design lamps from Art Deco to Expressionist in our selection.