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Art objects add individuality and personality to any space. Exceptionally designed decorative objects attract attention and make impressive statements in interior design. Here, you can discover art objects as special decorations for your home.

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Art Objects

Art Objects - Refined Decoration for a Unique Spatial Effect

My home is my castle. True to this motto, we invest a lot of time and money in furnishing our own homes. Everyone creates their home oasis in a unique way, sometimes minimalist-modern, other times classically whimsical, and occasionally vibrant and colourful. Besides furniture, carpets and lamps, art objects play a crucial role in creating a room's ambience: Only various decorative objects give a room its personal touch.

The choice of room objects reveals a lot about the resident's personality: Some people prefer a simple and timeless look, while others lean toward extravagance and boldness. However, art objects for the home should not be generic and nondescript. That is why you will discover a large selection of special decorations - designed by artists, produced in high quality, and sometimes even manufactured in limited quantities.

Unique Decoration - Unconventional Decorative Objects for Living Room, Bedroom and More

Each room in your home serves a special purpose: The living room is for relaxing in the evening after work; the bedroom serves as a restful tranquillity oasis; and the kitchen is for savouring delightful moments of taste. You will find the perfect art objects for each of these spaces in our shop - from artistic mobiles and wall decorations to glass decorations for your shelves. And the impact of these art objects is not limited to your home: they can also positively influence the atmosphere in offices, studios, reception areas or doctor's offices, adding more comfort, inspiration or simply style. To achieve this, it is advisable to think about the desired effect beforehand. Some art objects from our selection are purely decorative, while others serve a functional purpose, as well. Some unconventional decorative objects attract attention as eye-catchers, while others exercise restraint at first glance and subtly influence the room's atmosphere.

Artistic Room Objects - Inspiring Decorations Full of Creativity

Whether it's wall decorations or unique floor decorations - our exceptional decorative objects are far from being mass-produced. We present a carefully curated selection of truly extraordinary art objects for decoration by brands and artists from Germany, Europe, and the world. For example, explore the art objects of the Italian brand Queeboo, which captivates with its playful and humorous creations. Or let yourself be enchanted by the weightlessness of the handmade mobiles by the Danish label Flensted Mobiles. The designs of Michal Trpák also offer really special decorations, which further emphasise your Individual style due to their limited quantities.