Vases / Vessels

Many centuries ago, humankind created vases and vessels as decorative ornamental objects. At ars mundi, you can buy decorative vases in various designs - inspired by the masterpieces of past epochs and created by up-and-coming newcomers and stars of today's art scene.

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Vases / Vessels

The World of Decorative Vases: Fascination Since Antiquity

Some of the oldest decorative vases we know today originate from ancient Greece. At that time, the so-called vase painting was widespread. Here not only vases but several types of vessels were elaborately decorated. The same applies to Roman cultures and ancient Egypt, where, for example, richly decorated vases were indispensable as grave goods. Moreover, Chinese vase painting is equally famous. For example, the extremely rare Ming vases are sold at auctions for millions of dollars. This is no surprise because these antiques are, after all, valuable rarities - they are centuries old, made of the finest porcelain and designed with an extremely attractive appearance.

Cult Objects and Collector’s Items: Vases and Vessels Through the Ages

Even after antiquity, vases and similar vessels were popular. This becomes apparent for example, through numerous flower still lifes from the Baroque period, which show lush flower arrangements in vases. But decorative vases were not always reduced to their function as flower vessels: In classicism, for example, the vase was primarily used as a purely decorative object, sometimes even without floral content. A few epochs later, in the 20th and 21st centuries, this trend is being repeated: thanks to the proliferation of arts and crafts, vases and vessels can once again stand alone as decorative elements.

Decorative Vases and Vessels by Famous Artists

When you want to buy decorative vases at ars mundi, you can choose between countless design styles, colours, and materials. Vases have long since been made not only of ceramic or porcelain - metal, glass, plastic and even silicone are often used as materials. During the process, several design styles as well as colour and motif worlds often merge into a unique whole. The best examples of this are decorative vases inspired or adorned by the works of renowned artists. Gustav Klimt's "Tree of Life", Claude Monet's "Iris Bed", Wassily Kandinsky's "Composition VIII" or Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" - they all adorn some of the most beautiful decorative vases you can buy at ars mundi. They demonstrate how charming it is to look at famous works from a different angle - when they do not hang on the wall as abstract pictures or paintings from Impressionism but instead characterise the look of a decorative vase.

Innovative and Unique: Decorative Vases by Contemporary Artists

When buying decorative vases at ars mundi, you have the free choice between vessels inspired by the masterpieces of renowned artists and innovative designs by contemporary art greats. Both established designers and up-and-coming newcomers are represented here - from Paola Paronetto and Vanessa Mitrani to Gaetano Pesce and Bernhard Schagemann to Mats Jonasson or the German designer Philippi.