Necklaces / Neck Ornaments

Even in ancient times, women and men used to wear jewellery around their necks. Nowadays, necklaces and neck jewellery are indispensable fashion accessories. Whether elegant, discreet, modern or traditional - thanks to the wide selection of designs, motifs and materials, everyone can find something to suit their taste.

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Necklaces and Neck Jewellery

Necklaces for women and men have been among the most popular pieces of jewellery for thousands of years. In early human cultures, for example, shells were strung on a cord and worn around the neck. Nowadays, the range of different shapes and designs is almost unmanageable: whether a magnificent necklace, a necklace with a precious stone, a necklace with a pendant, an amulet or a costume jewellery necklace, whether in gold, silver, or adorned with diamonds or pearls, whether discreet and elegant or opulent and eye-catching - there is a matching necklace for almost every occasion and every outfit, and every variation has its unique charm. Moreover, as popular jewellery pieces, necklaces are an original gift idea for many memorable occasions. The necklaces are the perfect gift for a birthday, an anniversary or simply as a token of appreciation. In addition, necklaces can also be a small treat for oneself.

Our ars mundi selection of necklaces emphasises the connection to art and artisanship. Many works are by current jewellery designers such as Anna Mütz, Christiane Wendt, Petra Waszak, Marc Kolsters, and Atelier Kreuchauff. However, you will also find popular motifs by famous artists of past epochs, such as Claude Monet, Franz Marc, or Gustav Klimt. These necklaces show excerpts from widely known paintings that are tailored to the respective shape of the necklace. You can buy these and other beautiful necklaces in our online shop. And just like that necklaces that are adorned with your favourite motif become daily companions.

Just as varied as the shapes and motifs is the choice of materials from which the necklaces are made. The materials used in the production of the necklaces include gold, silver and pearls, stones and precious stones, glass elements, porcelain, crystals, and many other materials. Usually, different materials are combined into one piece of jewellery. For the items in our selection, we have emphasised high-quality artisanship - and, in many cases the items are handmade. With a necklace from ars mundi, you always acquire an incredibly special creation that you will enjoy for a long time.