A jewellery pendant can easily transform a necklace or a bracelet into a unique piece of jewellery. Pendants are available in many different designs and can match any outfit. Pendants made of high-quality materials are always an elegant eye-catcher.



Pendants: Small Jewellery with a Big Effect

Jewellery underlines the personal character of the wearer and rounds off every outfit. Among the pieces of jewellery, the small pendants are versatile all-rounders, as they can be flexibly combined with other jewellery pieces. For example, if you have a necklace or bracelet and want to change its look, you can easily combine it with a new pendant. In this way, you can quickly create a new piece of jewellery. Some pendants do not require a chain and can be worn as a brooch. You can purchase jewellery pendants in different designs and made of different materials, making it possible to find the perfect piece for every occasion. Elegant jewellery pendants with a wide range of motifs and materials are also available at ars mundi.

Jewellery Pendants: Variety in Design, Materials and Motifs

Jewellery pendants are available in numerous variations. The small accessories can be bought to match any look so that you can find a suitable copy to suit your wardrobe, occasion, season, or personal mood. Popular materials used for jewellery pendants include gold, silver, and stainless steel. There are also pendants adorned with precious stones that are particularly elegant and valuable. Opal pendants, amber pendants, diamond pendants, aquamarine pendants or emerald pendants fascinate with their bright colours and sparkling appearance. There is also a wide variety of motifs and designs available. Pendants are available in modern and abstract designs with circles, spheres, rectangles, triangles, or ornaments. But of course, they are also pendants with figurative motifs. Cross pendants, heart pendants or zodiac signs are particularly popular. Animals like cats, butterflies, lions, owls or elephants, flowers and blossoms are also popular pendants.

Buy Pendants at ars mundi

At ars mundi, you will find the right pendant to match any outfit. The selection ranges from discreet and classic to extravagant models. Our jewellery pendants are created by various well-known designers such as Petra Waszak or Klaus Börner and are made of high-quality materials such as precious stones or sterling silver. With the jewellery pendants from ars mundi, you can treat yourself or give someone else a treat. The pendants make wonderful gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, communions or simply as a small token of appreciation. You can buy the pendants as unique pieces or combine them in a jewellery set with a necklace, bracelet, and ring.