Jochen Bauer:
Sculpture "Ride on the Cannonball", cast
Jochen Bauer:
Sculpture "Ride on the Cannonball", cast

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | cast | handmade | bronzed | size 9 x 23.5 x 10.5 cm (w/h/d) | weight 1150 g

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Sculpture "Ride on the Cannonball", cast
Jochen Bauer: Sculpture "Ride on the Cannonball", cast

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Sculpture "Ride on the Cannonball", cast

"Out of sheer courage and zeal for service, and a little hastily, I was standing before one of our largest cannon that was firing into the town. I waited till the word 'Fire' was given, then I sprang on to the cannonball intending to let it bear me inside the fortress, but when I was halfway there it occurred to me that I was acting very rashly. 'It is all very well,' thought I, 'to get inside the fortress, but how shall I get out afterwards? And what will happen to me in there?' I knew that if I were taken as a spy I should be hanged on the nearest gallows - an ignominious end for one who bore the proud name of Munchausen! As these thoughts passed through my mind, I perceived a bullet directed from the fortress against our camp passing a few feet from me. Without further hesitation, I leaped on it, and returned to our army, without, it is true, having accomplished my project, but at least safe and sound."

Hieronymus Carl Friedrich Freiherr von Münchhausen was born on his father's estate in Bodenwerder on 11 May 1720. After his education and a career as an officer in the service of Tsarina Catherine the Great, he returned in 1750 to steer the fortunes of his estate. Even during his lifetime, he was praised as a brilliant, humorous storyteller. Enjoying a bottle of alcohol with his friends, the "Baron of Munchhausen" used to tell stories of his travels and of wars in which he had taken part - wonderful stories and fun adventures on the sea and land. And, of course, he lied through his teeth...

Puss in Boots, Hans in Luck, Baron Munchhausen... Since our childhood, when we heard fairy tales and stories for the first time, each of us has carried a precise image of these figures in our minds. That is also the case for artists, including sculptors. They create a sculptural item of your version of these childhood companions on our behalf. We cast the filigree models of their childhood images in a complex process - these sculpture models are available exclusively from ars mundi.

Sculpture in polymer cast with bronzed surface. Size 9 x 23.5 x 10.5 cm (w/h/d). Weight 1150 g.

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About Jochen Bauer

Born in 1951, sculptor and painter

The sculptor Jochen Bauer, born 1951 in Coburg, Germany, was one of Germany's leading porcelain modellers for almost 30 years. From 1999 until today he has devoted himself to sculpture and painting as a freelance artist.

With his outstanding technique, he is regarded in the industry as one of the great talents whenever it comes to translating a concept into the third dimension. In his own work, he prefers naturalistic motifs, which he implements with perfect craftsmanship and a good eye for flowing (body-)shapes and expressive poses.

"The source of my creative activity is nature, the examination of ecological contexts..."