Bangle "Giverny"
Bangle "Giverny"

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925 sterling silver partially gold-plated | Ø 6.5 cm

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Bangle "Giverny"
Kreuchauff-Design: Bangle "Giverny"

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Bangle "Giverny"

All the jewellery pieces in the "Painting + Structure" collection are unique. They feature individual fragments of paintings by the artist Jürgen Kreuchauff. The refinement with 24-carat gold leaf, 925 silver leaf and colour pigments, and the fusion of the components create unique colour and structure gradients.

A dreamlike jewellery piece with a colour harmony reminiscent of Monet's water lily paintings. Painting + Structure material, 925 silver leaf and 24-carat gold leaf decoration. Diameter 6.5 cm.

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Portrait of the artist Jürgen Kreuchauff

About Kreuchauff-Design

The Aesthetics of the Brushstroke

The fascination of the "Painting + Structure" collection by the Kreuchauff studio originates in the aesthetics of finely placed brushstrokes. The unique pieces are based on pictures painted by Jürgen Kreuchauff (born in 1952, jewellery designer, photographer), from which individual fragments are used to create a piece of jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is a unique art object.

The idea of using fragile materials such as 24-carat gold leaf, 925 silver leaf and colour pigments with painting and graphic techniques to create a piece of jewellery, whereby unique colour and structure gradients develop, results in works that are suitable for everyday use despite their delicate appearance.