Michael Ferner:
Picture "Crazy Bike Birds" (2021), framed
Proportional view
Picture "Crazy Bike Birds" (2021), framed
Michael Ferner:
Picture "Crazy Bike Birds" (2021), framed

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limited, total 108 copies | numbered | signed | print on Tintoretto Stucco Gesso | framed | passe-partout | glazed | size 44 x 71 cm (h/w)

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Picture "Crazy Bike Birds" (2021), framed
Michael Ferner: Picture "Crazy Bike Birds" (2021), framed

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Picture "Crazy Bike Birds" (2021), framed

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Der Rabe von heute fährt Rad. Original-Grafik auf 370g Tintoretto Stucco Gesso. Nummeriert, signiert, limitiert auf 199 Exemplare und 9 E.A.-Exemplare. Gerahmt in silberfarbener Massivholzleiste mit Passepartout, verglast. Format 44 x 71 cm (H/B).

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Portrait of the artist Michael Ferner

About Michael Ferner

For Michael Ferner, humour is very important. Born in Salzburg, Austria, in 1969, the painter, draughtsman, illustrator and caricaturist is a master of the brush and colour thus humorous and cheerful works are created by his hand. He delights the art scene with the lightness of his stroke, which is created by blowing the ink across the paper with his breath.

His theme is life. The impression, the fascination of the moment is what counts. very ordinary moments are captured in his art. Aeroplanes, cars, clowns, musicians, sea creatures or, for example, "gammy-legged crows". With a precise observer’s eye, the alienator and humourist puts colour on paper.

He exhibits his paintings in Germany and Austria, but also in England, Dubai and the USA.