Handbags and shoulder bags are some of the most indispensable fashion accessories and are also extraordinarily practical. Whether for everyday work, sport or an elegant evening event, modern handbags and shoulder bags complete a wardrobe.

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Handbags and Shoulder Bags - Combining Functionality and Style

Handbags and shoulder bags are true classics among fashion accessories. You can easily store everyday things like your smartphone, keys, or wallet in them. But handbags are not only quite practical for everyday use, but they also represent crucial elements of an entire outfit with their look. That is why modern handbags and modern shoulder bags have been part of the range of many fashion manufacturers for decades, including famous designers such as Prada or Dior. As with clothing, there are also fashion trends for bags that change from season to season - not least because they should always match the fashion of the clothes. Handbags and shoulder bags with art motifs are available in a wide variety of designs and for all kinds of occasions. They are suitable for work and the office or for casual wear, sports, or elegant evening events. The designs range from vintage to modern looks - and you can also buy unusual handbags with a particularly extravagant look.

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If you want to buy a modern handbag with an art motif, you will definitely find what you are looking for at ars mundi. We carry modern shoulder bags, modern handbags, tote bags, shopper bags, bucket bags, shoulder bags and backpacks in many different modern designs. All bags in our shop are made of high-quality materials such as leather, cotton, or hard-wearing mixed fabric. If you are looking for particularly unusual handbags, you should take a look at our models with famous motifs from art history. There are many well-known names among the artists who created the works, for example, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Jan Vermeer van Delft, Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt or Wassily Kandinsky. With a bag featuring an artistic motif, you are buying an incredibly special fashion accessory with which you can express your love of art at the same time.