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Easter-Bonus Discount at ars mundi - 6.5% discount on online purchases (except books, calendars and gift vouchers) - 21 February 2024 - 3 March 2024


Drinking is vital, and depending on the beverage, it can also be a pleasure for our taste buds. To ensure that the delightful refreshment is not only enjoyed by our tongue and palate, drinks are often served in exceptional glasses. Here, you can discover special glasses featuring artist motifs.

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Exceptional Glasses

Exceptional Glasses - Selected Artist Motifs on Glass

Glass is a material that has fascinated creative talents for hundreds of years. Skilled glass artists shape this fragile material through heating and cooling, creating various forms such as glass vases and vessels. In addition to numerous everyday glass items – transparent drinking glasses for wine, soft drinks, or spirits are often overlooked due to their simplicity. However, when the choice falls on exceptional glasses, they quickly become eye-catching. This is also true for our special glasses with artist motifs: Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Emil Nolde, or Gustav Klimt – on the exceptional drinking glasses from our museum shop, you can discover excerpts and motifs from the most beautiful works of unforgettable artists. This way, every drink becomes a visual delight.

Glasses With Motif - Art on Glasses and Glasses as Art

When you buy exceptional glasses from us, you are not just opting for glasses with motifs. We provide you with elaborately produced and partly handcrafted drinking glasses, each practically representing its own work of art. For example, some of the exceptional drinking glasses from the ars mundi Exclusive Edition have been designed with up to 20 transparent colours and additionally decorated with gold elements - a decorative work that clearly stands out from the crowd and will delight lovers of exquisite taste. However, it is not just the handmade decoration of the unusual glasses that is exquisite - the glasses themselves are branded items that impress with their quality and perfect shape. Choose special sets from our collections and each of the unique glasses will arrive in a decorative gift box.

Buy Special Glasses - Exclusive Sets to Enrich Your Everyday Life

At ars mundi, we want to enrich your everyday life with exceptional glasses. The artistic glass creations add an extraordinary sparkle to every moment. Raise a toast to celebrations with special champagne glasses and celebrate unforgettable moments. Serve Pinot Noir, Riesling, or Chardonnay in special wine glasses with selected motifs, enchanting both palate and eye with unmistakable delight. Or turn an ordinary dinner into a unique art experience with exceptional water glasses. Many of our sets and individual glasses also make excellent collectables or gifts for friends with a taste for the finer things.