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Mugs and Cups

Almost no tableware accompanies us throughout the day like cups and mugs - whether it's for a coffee in the morning, an espresso at lunchtime, or an afternoon tea. With an artist mug from ars mundi featuring a famous motif or a unique design, you can turn your tea or coffee not only into a tasteful accessory but also into a truly artistic pleasure. Art on tableware is always an eye-catcher, and with a Hundertwasser cup or a Gustav Klimt cup, your breakfast table or coffee gathering becomes a small gallery. In our collection, you will find a wide selection of design espresso cups and design coffee mugs - not only for art lovers.

The motifs on our mugs and cups originate from different styles and epochs. From the Art Nouveau epoch, we offer "Adele Bloch Bauer I" and "The Kiss", two of the most famous paintings by Gustav Klimt. For Pop Art fans, we offer coffee mugs with motifs by Roy Lichtenstein and James Rizzi. In addition, many other famous artists from art history are represented, such as Paul Klee and Marc Chagall. Our special edition of Hundertwasser mugs is particularly unusual and exclusive. The Austrian Friedensreich Hundertwasser is best known for his paintings with colourful ornaments, but he also engaged with architecture and art in construction. ars mundi honours his architectural work with a collection of design espresso cups: The porcelain cups "Vienna District Heating Plant", "The Rolling Hills", "ArtHouseVienna", "Tongue Beards" and "HundertwasserHouse" are handmade, authentically showcasing the typical Hundertwasser style, and refined with gold and platinum accents. We also carry other espresso cups and coffee mugs in the design of the Austrian artist.

All the cups and mugs in our range are manufactured with high quality in renowned porcelain factories, ensuring that you will enjoy them for a long time.