Easter-Bonus Discount at ars mundi - 6.5% discount on online purchases (except books, calendars and gift vouchers) - 21 February 2024 - 3 March 2024
Easter-Bonus Discount at ars mundi - 6.5% discount on online purchases (except books, calendars and gift vouchers) - 21 February 2024 - 3 March 2024

Porcelain / Ceramics

Great works of art don't always have to hang on the wall - with artful ceramics, we offer you a way to discover exceptional creations in an entirely new way. Kandinsky on a mug, Monet on a flower vase or Keith Haring on a porcelain plate - discover the diversity of ceramic art in our museum shop.

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Artful Ceramic

Artful Ceramic - Famous Artworks on Ceramic Objects

For several thousand years, humans have been working with inorganic, non-metallic materials. Artful ceramics have been crafted in Europe over 30,000 years ago. One of the most famous examples is the approximately 30,000-year-old Venus of Dolní Věstonice, made from fired loess clay. To this day, the fascination for ceramic art has remained unchanged. In our carefully curated selection, you'll also discover extraordinary ceramics by contemporary artists as well as designs inspired by the great works of past masters. Especially popular are artist ceramics adorned with famous artworks: Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers, Claude Monet's Water Lilies, or Gustav Klimt's The Kiss - all of them can be found on our ars mundi porcelain, offering a completely new perspective on colours and motifs.

Artist Ceramics - Creative Designer Ceramics for Your Home

When it comes to special ceramics, it is not just the creations featuring the works of great artists that are interesting. Contemporary artists and well-known porcelain companies are also constantly developing artistic ceramics that will quickly become decorative highlights in your home. An example of this is the porcelain objects from Vista Alegre. For almost 200 years, the Portuguese traditional company has been developing, among other things, decorative porcelain objects, many of which have received awards. Additionally, you can find artistic ceramics that are not associated with a specific artist or brand. Here, the extraordinary shapes and colours of the often handmade designs speak for themselves and enrich your home or a festively set table in a fascinating way.

Multifaceted Ceramic Art - More Than Just Decorations

Alongside glasses, mugs and cups or vases and vessels, many objects of our artistic ceramics are ideal for setting the table stylishly. Whether for special occasions or for a harmonious gathering with family and friends, ceramic art elevates table culture to a creative level. Alternatively, many porcelain objects are captivating as decorations, whether on a table or shelf, arranged on the wall or displayed in a showcase. Everywhere, you can create an impressive decorative highlight with ceramic art or plates featuring artist's motifs. Many of the artist's ceramics are also ideal collector's items - to keep for yourself or as gifts, even for business partners, long-time employees, or customers.