Silk Scarfs / Shawls

Scarves and shawls not only provide pleasant warmth to the neck and shoulders, but they are also suitable for setting fashionable accents. Scarves and shawls with a famous motif from art history, for example, by Gustav Klimt, Franz Marc, or Claude Monet, become a special eye-catcher.

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Shawls and Scarves

Scarves and shawls are among the most popular accessories in winter and summer because they provide a cosy feeling of warmth on the neck and shoulders and are perfect for setting fashion accents. A scarf made of wool or cashmere, or a silk scarf printed with a colourful pattern are always eye-catchers and complement every outfit for both men and women.

In our extensive collection, you can choose from different designs and buy a scarf or silk scarf. The designs range from colourful floral patterns to abstract yet harmonious colour compositions and numerous motifs from famous paintings. With a silk scarf or silk shawl featuring a famous artist's motif, you can carry your personal favourite painting with you every day, for example, Gustav Klimt's work "The Kiss" gleaming in gold, Franz Marc's Expressionist icon "Blue Horse", Claude Monet's atmospheric picture "Irises in Monet's Garden", Paul Klee's colourful "Highway and Byways" or Vincent van Gogh's atmospheric "Starry Night over the Rhône". Or adorn yourself with a Hundertwasser silk scarf, of which we carry several in different designs.

We use particularly high-quality materials in our products to ensure that they feel comfortable to wear. Many of our scarves and shawls are made from 100 % silk, but also from cashmere, pure wool, or silk/wool blends. A silk scarf for men or a silk shawl for women is a flexible fashion accessory in every season, allowing you to change your look quickly. A classically elegant men's scarf or a high-quality silk scarf with an artist's motif is also particularly suitable as an unusual gift for art lovers.