Robert Zielasco:
Picture "Temple of Segesta" (2004), framed
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Picture "Temple of Segesta" (2004), framed
Robert Zielasco:
Picture "Temple of Segesta" (2004), framed

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 199 copies | numbered | signed | reproduction, Giclée print on canvas | stretcher frame | solid wood frame | size 102.5 x 145 cm

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Picture "Temple of Segesta" (2004), framed
Robert Zielasco: Picture "Temple of Segesta" (2004), framed

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Picture "Temple of Segesta" (2004), framed

In luminous Greek blue: Zielasco's "Temple of Segesta": His temple shows the epitome of Doric architecture in Sicily. Already Goethe admired this never completed building because it provided insight into the spirit and idea of ancient architecture. This is also the case with Zielasco's work: although it is still a temple, it is also an abstract surface. It is a representation but also a play with perspective.

Giclée print on canvas, stretched on a stretcher frame. Limited edition of 199 copies, signed and numbered on the back. Stretcher frame size 97.5 x 140 cm. Framed in a solid wood frame with a silver shadow gap. Size 102.5 x 145 cm. ars mundi Exclusive Edition.

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About Robert Zielasco

Born in 1948 in Vienna, known for his large-format paintings.

The Viennese painter Robert Zielasco loves large formats and, according to his statement, prefers to work with his wrists rather than his fingers. He works on the canvas with palette knives, brushes and other tools to create works that have been internationally sought-after because of their dynamism.

Zielasco is a master of abstraction and collage. He is an artist who has deeply penetrated the laws of surface and colour.