Ann Aspinwall:
Picture "Eclat IV" (2021)
Proportional view
Picture "Eclat IV" (2021)
Ann Aspinwall:
Picture "Eclat IV" (2021)

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limited, 10 copies | signed | screenprint on paper | unframed | size 87.6 x 127 cm

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Picture "Eclat IV" (2021)
Ann Aspinwall: Picture "Eclat IV" (2021)

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Picture "Eclat IV" (2021)

The colour screen print shows a reflecting water surface, which seems surreal in its colour design.
The artist says of her working method:

"I find the vastness of boundless space intoxicating. When I stand alone under an unclouded night sky or in front of a vast seascape, a deep sense of awe and tranquillity flows through me. In an urban setting, the wide pavements create an oasis for my senses. I am fascinated by the individuality of each element and the rhythmic cohesion of the area as a whole."

Original screenprint, 2021. Edition: 10 copies on paper, numbered and hand-signed. Unframed. Motif size/sheet size 87.6 x 127 cm.

About Ann Aspinwall

The native New Yorker Ann Aspinwall (born in 1976) first studied history at the renowned St. Andrews University in Scotland before she began to work intensively with printmaking techniques in studios in Scotland and Italy.

In the meantime, Aspinwall's works can be seen internationally in exhibitions and are in the important collections of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the New York Public Library. The artist lives and works in New York.