Gargoyles & Fountains

Waterworks give a garden an incredibly special flair. With artistic gargoyles and fountains from ars mundi, you can create an atmospheric ambience in your garden.

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Gargoyles & Fountains

Waterwork for the Garden - Decorative Objects for a Unique Garden Ambience

You can give your garden a very personal touch through various garden objects. In addition to sculptures, garden stakes and other decorative objects, waterworks fit particularly well in gardens. A gargoyle, a garden fountain, a garden fountain with a waterfall or other waterworks for the garden create a unique flair. The splashing sound of the water can be very calming, and these sculptures serve as captivating points of interest amidst flowers, trees, and shrubs. Easily turn your garden into a small feel-good oasis with waterworks: A gargoyle on a pond, a small garden fountain or other waterworks in the garden enhance any garden setting and add atmospheric liveliness. You can also buy various waterworks for the garden, such as gargoyles or small fountains at ars mundi.

Buy Waterspouts and Fountains at ars mundi

At ars mundi, you can buy different waterworks for the garden. With the special artistic designs of our garden objects, you not only integrate a small water source into your garden but also turn it into a small open-air museum. Our selection includes gargoyles with various motifs - from modern to classical, and in different sizes. For example, popular gargoyle figures are animals such as ducks, frogs, cranes, fish, turtles, or hares. But you can also buy water features for the garden that show human characters at ars mundi. Bronze sculptures such as the "Flute-Playing Hans in Luck", the "Girl with Cornucopia", or the "Shepherd Boy with Flute" are so skilfully and intricately crafted that they appear almost lifelike. All our gargoyles and fountains are easy to set up and require minimal maintenance.

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If you would like to buy particularly exclusive and unusual gargoyle figures, we also have some objects for you to choose from. Artists such as Andrea del Verrocchio, Théo Stuttgé, Theophil Steinbrenner, Gustav Nonnenmacher and Roman Strobl have created artfully designed gargoyles. Some of the works in our range are limited editions that were handmade by the artists. With such exclusive works of art, you can turn your garden into a small art gallery.