Sculptures - Three-Dimensional Art

Together with painting, sculpture is the most important technique for humans to express themselves artistically and pictorially. The production of three-dimensional objects has been documented in historiography for many thousands of years. For example, the stone Venus of Willendorf is estimated to be about 25,000 years old and is thus considered the oldest known sculpture. Throughout thousands of years, the art of sculpture has produced innumerable variants of sculptures. There are abstract or representational sculptures, monumental objects for public spaces or small sculptures made of stone, metal, or plastic. The special feature of sculptures compared to two-dimensional pictures is that, as spatial objects, they incorporate their surroundings. Therefore, depending on the angle of view, lighting conditions and light irradiation, the perception of a sculpture can change. If you would like to buy sculptures, you will find a wide selection of different objects at ars mundi.

Sculpture Has a Great Variety of Forms, Motifs and Themes

Throughout the long history of sculpture, numerous sub-genres have developed. One of the most important disciplines of sculpture is the depiction of real or fictional people in the form of statues and busts. While statues and small statuettes depict a person in their entirety, busts usually depict only the head and shoulders. Other subgroups are small sculptures, wall objects, reliefs, and object art. Even if you are looking for a specific motif, you will easily find it at ars mundi. Because in this section we have compiled not only the various forms of design but also different picture themes, for example, animal sculptures, abstract sculptures, or nude sculptures. Whether you want to buy abstract objects, animal sculptures, busts, or statues - at ars mundi, you are sure to find the perfect sculpture.

Metal, Wood, Stone, or Polymers - Buy Sculptures Made of Different Materials

At ars mundi, you can buy works made of metals such as bronze and steel, as well as wooden sculptures and objects made of many other materials. For in sculpture, there are hardly any limits to the artists' choice of material. Each material has its own special properties, which in turn already significantly define the appearance and character of a sculpture. The earliest sculptures were made of materials that could be found in nature, for example, various rocks, wood, or ivory. That was followed by metals or alloys such as iron, bronze or steel, and other materials such as porcelain, ceramics, glass, and crystal. In the last decades, artificially produced materials and modern techniques were added, for example, plastics, art casting, and artificial marble or cast metal.

Sculpture Throughout the Epochs

Since antiquity, at the latest, sculpture has been part of the repertoire of many artists. At ars mundi, you can easily buy sculptures from your favourite epoch. Important sculptures in art history were already produced in Classicism, Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance. In the 19th century and around 1900, the course was set for modernity in sculpture with Impressionism and Art Nouveau, among others. Sculpture developed in a particularly diverse way in the 20th century, when Expressionism, for example, but also Pop Art had their heyday. And sculpture is of significant importance in the contemporary art of the 21st century and impresses with a creative mix of styles. In addition to the art epochs, we have compiled other works of art by region, for example, traditional antique sculptures from Rome, Greece, and Egypt, as well as fascinating sculptures from other cultures, such as Africa, India, or Asia.

Buy Sculptures by Famous Artists at ars mundi

Sculpting is both a fascination and a challenge for artists. For it requires not only creativity and spatial thinking skills but also great manual dexterity and knowledge of the properties of the materials. The Renaissance artist Michelangelo described the special features of sculptural work with the following words: "Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." At ars mundi, you can choose from a wide selection of motifs by famous artists of art history. But buying contemporary sculptures is also possible at ars mundi.