Our sculptures dealing with the theme of "motivation" show various small symbolic scenes that cheer you up and give you new energy. The objects pick up on various themes such as community, trust or reliability and are fitting for many situations in life.

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Sculptures Giving Renewed Strength in Everyday Life

Sculptures not only offer daily artistic enjoyment and enhance the interior of rooms in a special way, but they also convey their message to us on a daily. In this section of our online shop, you will find objects in which the theme of "motivation" has been artistically realised. Contemporary artists skilfully capture the essence of motivation in their works, often through only a few gestures or movements. The motivational sculptures pick up on various important aspects of human coexistence, such as togetherness, trust, connection, cohesion, cooperation, reliability, support, and help, as well as joie de vivre, relaxation and harmony. Each motivational figure symbolically shows a moment or an action in which such a value is represented. This makes them suitable for many situations in life. Sometimes a glance at a motivational statue can be enough to get new impulses or to find encouragement in a challenging situation. These sculptures can motivate you anew whether at home or work and strengthen your confidence in your strengths.

Buy Motivational Artworks at ars mundi

A motivational figure makes for an excellent gift for friends or colleagues. But it can also unfold its effect as an eye-catcher on your desk. At ars mundi, you can buy numerous sculptures that cheer up, motivate, and convey a positive message. The titles of the artworks already provide hints about what is depicted in the respective motivational statue: "Making a Difference Together", "Working Together", "Cohesion", "The Goal is Achieved", "Anything is Possible", "Helping Each Other", "Dancing with Life" or "Time to Relax".