Art and Jewellery Combined at ars mundi

Adorning the body with small, beautiful accessories has been a custom since early times. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine everyday life without jewellery. Here, at ars mundi, you can choose from a wide selection of designs, motifs, and materials - ranging from elegant to discreet, from modern to traditional. With jewellery art from ars mundi, you acquire high-quality creations that you will enjoy for a long time.

Jewellery in Its Most Beautiful Variations

Jewellery comes in many different shapes and variations. Each jewellery piece is unique and has its special charm. Neck jewellery is a particularly important fashion accessory because it catches the eye at first glance. With an elegant necklace or a sparkling chain, you will always leave a good first impression. Equally important in a smaller form is Ear jewellery. Earrings, ear pendants or stud earrings round off any look in a discreet way. This also applies to arm jewellery such as bangles or bracelets. Additionally, brooches, which can be attached to lapels but also the sleeves, headwear, or bags, can set stylish accents. Finally, jewellery sets simplify the selection of jewellery pieces because necklaces, arm and ear jewellery are already perfectly matched. In addition to these classics of jewellery art, you will find jewellery boxes, wristwatches and men's jewellery in our collection.

Jewellery Art, Made from Precious Materials

The most sought-after materials for jewellery-making are precious metals such as gold, silver or diamonds and precious stones. Nevertheless, designers have the freedom to choose from a wide array of materials based on their creativity. The first jewellery was produced from materials that were found in nature. These included shells, pearls, bones, and ivory. The early materials also included precious stones, which were already used in jewellery making in antiquity. Over the centuries, many other materials were added to the art of jewellery, such as aluminium, steel, leather, glass, or plastics.

Jewellery From Different Epochs and Cultures

Art and jewellery have always been closely connected. Changes in artistic styles often influenced the design of contemporary jewellery. The best example of this is the jewellery from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco epochs in the 20th century, where many design elements from visual art were adopted. Other epochs are also known for their imposing jewellery style, for example, the Baroque and the Rococo epochs. Across different cultures, artistic craftsmanship gave rise to elegant jewellery, including regions such as Africa, Egypt, Asia, Greece and North and South America.

Jewellery Artists at ars mundi

At ars mundi, you will discover the latest jewellery art by contemporary artisans, such as Petra Waszak, Kreuchauff-Design, Christiane Wendt, Anna Mütz or Michal Golan. In addition to the works of contemporary designers, you can buy jewellery at ars mundi that pays homages to famous figures from art history, such as Robert Delaunay, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Gustav Klimt, Paul Klee, or Auguste Rodin. With jewellery adorned with classic motifs from these icons of art history, you can carry your favourite work of art with you wherever you go. In our wide selection of elegant and contemporary jewellery art, you are sure to find your perfect piece of jewellery.