20th Century

Ranging from the extensions of Art Nouveau to the decorative indulgence of Art Deco and abstract art - every epoch and style produces its incomparable works of art or decorative art. This also applies to jewellery from the 20th century, which you can buy here.

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20th Century

From Unique to Mass-Applicable - The Development of Jewellery in the 20th Century

Jewellery as a form of decorative art has always been subject to the trends of the current art epoch, while maintaining its stylistic autonomy. This is particularly true for the jewellery of the 20th century: On the one hand, influences from Art Nouveau, Art Deco or abstract art were significant; on the other hand, with the advent of mass production in the mid-century, entirely new design possibilities emerged. These changes brought an entirely new perspective to jewellery design and its significance. Where skilled goldsmiths had once crafted meticulously detailed unique pieces using traditional craftsmanship, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more suddenly became available in department stores for a fraction of the cost. One thing, in particular, became clear: Unique jewellery from the 20th century did not have to be expensive.

New Materials, Shapes and Colours: The Versatility of 20th-Century Jewellery

Gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds - while earlier epochs exclusively used precious and valuable materials to create high-end jewellery, the 20th century introduced entirely new materials. Silver and gold were still in vogue, but now plastics were added, shining with unprecedented colours, and making a whole new variety of shapes possible. The classic shapes and functions remained: A distinction was still made between rings, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, anklets and the like - yet their design became increasingly experimental, breaking away from classical conventions.

Creativity and Genius: 20th Century Jewellery Designers

Paloma Picasso, Elsa Peretti, Jean Michel Schlumberger - they belong to the most famous designers from the house of Tiffany, a jeweller or brand that has shaped 20th-century jewellery like no other. Other famous brands and their designers have also left their mark on the jewellery world of the late second millennium: Wellendorff, Cartier, Bulgari, and Piaget, are just a few of them. The extremely expensive pieces of the luxury brands naturally differ greatly from mass-produced goods found in department stores - after all, this is where exclusive materials meet unique goldsmith's art.

Jewellery of the 20th Century at ars mundi

If you would like to buy jewellery from the 20th century from ars mundi, you do not have to dig as deep into your wallet as you would for a classic design by Tiffany or Cartier. With us, you'll discover renowned contemporary 20th-century artists who have produced eye-catching creations or taken inspiration from famous 20th-century works. From Constanzo Mongini to Petra Waszak to designs by Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert Delaunay or Friedensreich Hundertwasser - immerse yourself in our jewellery world and let yourself be enchanted.