The Love of Art Shapes Our Lives

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Excellent Quality

  • In our excellent production facilities, highly skilled artisans produce both large and small works of art - ranging from 3-meter tall bronze sculptures up to delicate pieces of jewellery.
  • Our art experts supervise the numbering of all editions, and each casting is documented in limitation records.
  • Each object fulfils the highest quality requirements and is inspected by experts.
  • The museum replicas, jewellery replicas and bronze multiples are made by hand.

Authenticity - Buying Art is a Matter of Trust

  • ars mundi offers you the greatest possible security for your art purchase.
  • We guarantee both the authenticity of the works we offer, as well as adherence to the limited editions and the authenticity of the signatures.
  • We vouch for the authenticity of the objects without any time limitation.
  • Some selected objects include a certificate that you will receive when purchasing them.
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Limited Editions

  • We publish many of our artworks as limited editions. This is particularly interesting for collectors - in terms of a positive development of value.
  • We guarantee strict adherence to the specified limited objects.
  • Numbered objects are individually numbered to highlight their uniqueness.

Exclusive Editions

  • Pictures, sculptures, porcelain, and glass works, as well as jewellery, are specially commissioned by ars mundi.
  • For many years, we have closely collaborated with numerous artists, museums, foundations, and estate administrators for ars mundi Exclusive Editions.
  • These collaborations have resulted in over 1,500 licensed exclusive editions.
  • The editions featuring famous motifs from earlier periods are created in cooperation with renowned authorised partners - such as the Kunsthalle Bremen with Ernst Barlach's sculpture "Shepherd in the Storm" or the Seebüll Ada and Emil Nolde Foundation with Emil Nolde's "Java Dancer".
  • The high quality of the exclusive editions is based on our decades of experience.
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Custom Framing

  • We offer you the possibility to choose a custom frame for many of our pictures.
  • With our frame configurator, you can choose between many combinations of colours and materials and further personalise your picture with different passe-partouts and types of glass.
  • In this way, your desired picture will be personally made just for you by our frame experts according to your choice.