Artful garden sculptures give every garden an incredibly special flair. With small figures or even abstract sculptures, you can transform your garden into your own personal little art space.

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Garden Sculptures

Garden Sculptures - Turn Your Garden into an Open-Air Museum

Flowers, bushes, and trees are probably the main focus when designing your garden. However, you can also embellish your garden with many additional accessories. Incredibly special accents can be set in the garden, as well as, on terraces or balconies, with garden sculptures. With such artfully designed sculptures, you can turn your garden into a small open-air museum. Buying garden sculptures has never been easier at ars mundi. You will find a wide selection of sculptures - from garden sculptures with a modern interpretation to classic motifs in antique style.

Garden Sculptures Need Weatherproof Materials

Not all materials are suitable for garden sculptures. Since garden objects usually stay outside all year round, they need to be very robust and weather resistant. Stone is a particularly famous material for garden sculptures. But metal garden sculptures are also extremely popular. Garden sculptures made of stainless steel are particularly eye-catching. Modern garden sculptures frequently feature cast iron and marble, as well as other materials such as porcelain or bronze. Even though most materials are very resistant, after a while you will see evidence that they have been outdoors for a long time. But when a surface starts to rust or patinate or is covered with moss and lichen, this is a deliberate effect that makes the garden sculptures blend even more naturally into their surroundings.

Buy Garden Sculptures at ars mundi

If you want to buy garden sculptures, ars mundi is the right place for you. Here you will find an extensive selection: Garden sculptures large and small, from modern to classic, from figurative to abstract. You can choose from many varied materials for your garden sculpture, for example, bronze, cast, marble, copper, porcelain, ceramic, or steel. The choice of motifs ranges from animals such as frogs, birds, turtles or dogs to human figures and abstract sculptures with a modern design. Many of our garden objects were designed by contemporary designers and artists. Furthermore, you can buy garden sculptures that are originals, unique pieces, and limited editions of only a few copies. Paul Wunderlich, Herbert Mehler, Horst Antes, Erwin A. Schinzel, Otto Sonnleitner, Pawel Andryszewski and Kurt Arentz created such objects, among others. With such incredibly special works of art, you bring unique exclusivity to your garden.