Working with steel is part of the repertoire of many artists today. Steel is a highly versatile material for sculpture and allows for very different looks, for example, a rust-brown patina or a high-gloss surface. The steel sculptures have their very own character and combine high weight and hardness with timeless elegance.

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Steel Figures - Filigree Art Made of Solid Metal

For a long time, steel was used exclusively for industrial and architectural purposes. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that it was discovered for sculpture. Today, steel has established itself as a popular material for sculptures. Works of art made of steel are characterised by their simple elegance and somewhat archaic appearance. The fascination that emanates from figures made of steel is due in part to the tension between the robust and heavy material and the creative artistic shaping process. Steel is particularly often used for monumental sculptures in public spaces. However, smaller art objects can also be made of steel.

Steel - A Multifaceted and Versatile Metal

Steel is an alloy of iron and a small amount of carbon. As it is very resistant and heavy, working with steel requires not only creativity but also great artisanship and appropriate technical equipment from the artist. Steel can be processed in various ways. It can be melted and then cast into shape, or it can be heated and then bent or turned. Additionally, it can be shaped cold, for example, bent, rolled, stretched, or ground for fine work. After shaping, the steel objects are given an additional individual character with the finish. The artist can influence or design the appearance of the surface in various ways. On the one hand, leaving the material untreated. The environmental influences will then cause corrosion, and the steel acquires a rust patina. This process is only partly controllable, resulting in each steel sculpture becoming a unique piece. On the other hand, the surface can be refined with technical or chemical processes. For example, steel can be polished, chromed, lacquered, powder-coated, copper-plated, patinated or gold-plated. Often the traces of the treatment process are still clearly visible on the sculptures - an effect that is usually intended by the artists. In addition, steel is often combined with other typical materials of sculpture, for example, wood, stone, bronze, or other metals.

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A wide variety of art objects can be made from steel. At ars mundi, you can buy both figurative and abstract steel sculptures. Nikolaus Weiler, C. Jeré, Thomas Röthel, BJ Keith, Jan Köthe and Sonja Edle von Hoeßle are known for their work with steel for their abstract sculptures. Among the artists who present representational figures made of steel in their portfolio are Stefan Szczesny, Jan M. Petersen, Thomas Otto, and Thomas Schönauer. Many objects in our range are handmade unique pieces by contemporary artists.