Since the beginning of sculpting, people have been producing wooden sculptures. Ranging from traditional arts and crafts to abstract contemporary sculpture, this natural product is very popular as a material. Due to the fact that wood pieces never share the same grain, a sculpture made of wood is always a unique piece.

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Along with stone, wood is the oldest material that people use to make sculptures. The oldest known wooden sculpture is exhibited in the Historical Museum in Yekaterinburg and is estimated to be over 11,000 years old. To this day, working with wood is one of the most widespread varieties of sculpture. Many different types of wood can be used for wood sculpture, but oak, lime, poplar and walnut are particularly popular. The sculptor modulates the desired shapes from pieces of wood such as trunks, branches, or roots with a knife, saw or axe. Afterwards, the wooden sculptures can be refined with sandpaper, paints, oils, or waxes. There are hardly any limits to the sculptor in terms of size and shape. The spectrum ranges from monumental large sculptures to the smallest filigree figures. It is not uncommon for wood to be worked together with other materials such as stone or metals. Even though wooden sculptures often depict animals or people, there are also abstract wooden sculptures. Since wood is a natural product, and no two pieces are ever alike, wooden sculptures differ in colour, grain, and surface structure. A wooden sculpture is, therefore, always a unique piece.

Artfully crafted wooden sculptures are highly decorative objects for the living room. For wooden sculptures for the garden, it is important to ensure that they are weatherproofed with appropriate oils or glazes, otherwise, they will be damaged.