Originals / Unique Pieces

Primarily, originals and unique pieces are the most sought-after artworks on the art market. Their uniqueness and the awareness that an artist has created a work with their own hands cause the prices of originals and unique pieces to rise to sometimes astronomical heights. Certain features, such as an impasto application of paint or the material quality, can only be found in the original.

Found: 1498

Originals and Unique Pieces

To own an original or unique piece of art is the goal of every art lover. Because an artistic work of art becomes especially fascinating when one knows that the artist painstakingly crafted it by hand. Moreover, when purchasing unique pieces and original paintings, one can be sure that they are the only one in the world who own this work. Due to this exclusivity, it is primarily the unique pieces that often experience a significant increase in value. Original works made by the artist also occupy a special status from an aesthetic point of view because they allow the enjoyment of art that only they can offer. For example, only in an original painting can one directly comprehend the materials used and the artist's painting technique. Compared to reproductions, every brushstroke or impasto application of paint is visible, the surface has a recognisable structure, and the colours have a unique sheen and a special radiance.

The so-called "serial unique pieces" play a special role among the unique pieces. These are also produced individually by the artist but they share the same or very similar motifs and are created using identical colours and the same technique. A series, repetition or variation of an object or theme are part of the artistic concept, and the works are just as unique and valuable as other originals. Signatures and/or certificates prove the authenticity of these serial works.

The price of unique pieces is usually higher compared to other pictures because the artist has created the artwork by hand. However, many high-quality originals by younger or not-yet-well-known artists are quite affordable, purchasing many handcrafted paintings might only require payments in the low three or four-digit range.

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