Wild birds in the garden enchant us with their cheerful singing and are a popular subject of observation not only for ornithologists. To sustainably support the colourful flock of birds in your own garden, birdhouses are ideal. Here, you will discover modern and special birdhouses - some of them even crafted by hand as unique pieces.



Modern Birdhouses - Protecting Native Wild Birds

Blackbirds, thrushes, finches, and starlings symbolise the variety of birds that flock to our gardens year after year. With their varied plumage and impressive flying skills, they are not only beautiful to look at. As beneficial creatures, they are an important part of our ecosystem: They pollinate flowers, transport seeds, and consume pests and insects. They are indispensable for maintaining the natural balance in every garden and the entire environment. Modern birdhouses allow you to support native garden birds. In today's times, these feathered songbirds face challenges: The increasing limitation of their natural habitats and the diminishing food supply result in fewer native wild birds appearing in our gardens. When you purchase a birdhouse and place it in your garden, you actively counteract this trend by providing birds with habitat, nesting places, and feeding opportunities.

Special Birdhouses - From Half-Timbered Houses to Swedish Cottages

The days when birdhouses were merely functional garden elements are long gone. In our selection, you will discover a wide range of birdhouses in modern design that architecture enthusiasts and those with refined taste will appreciate. From the rustic-looking half-timbered birdhouses to modern Bauhaus-style feeding stations, and even artistic birdhouses that captivate with their Scandinavian look, bringing a touch of vacation flair to your own garden oasis. All birdhouses are made of high-quality, durable materials, ensuring they become stylish eye-catchers in your garden with a long lifespan. Depending on the model, the birdhouses serve as feeding stations, nesting boxes or a combination of both. The size and design of the special birdhouses also determine the targeted bird species: Some birdhouses are explicitly designed for small bird species, while others also invite larger species, such as jackdaws and magpies to feast.

Artful Birdhouses - Unique Pieces for the Garden

If you would like to buy a birdhouse, you can choose between our carefully crafted modern birdhouses available in series and birdhouses crafted as garden objects from the artist's studio. Just as with garden sculptures, gargoyles, and fountains, as well as fire bowls, our selection of birdhouses also features unique treasures that will turn your garden into an art exhibition.