Garden Accessories

Here you can buy a wide selection of garden decorations. Art objects enhance every garden, transforming them into small open-air exhibition spaces. Because a sculpture is always a striking eye-catcher, bringing life and enrichment to a green space in its own distinct way. In our exclusive offer of art in the garden, we have curated accessories for you that are decorative and sturdy for outdoor use. Of course, not all materials are suitable for outdoor use in every weather. That is why the garden sculptures presented here are primarily made of stone, metals such as steel and bronze, treated wood or other weatherproof materials such as artificial marble. Just as diverse as the materials are the motifs for these sculptures: Various animal species, such as cats, birds, or elephants, are represented, as well as portraits and figures, mythical creatures, antique statues, or even abstract works. In addition to these garden ornaments, you will find numerous other matching accessories for the garden, such as small fountains, garden furniture or light objects.

With garden art from ars mundi, you can easily give your outdoor area an individual and artistic ambience.