Asian jewellery captivates with its lightness and intricate style, making it equally beloved by women and men. Explore our diverse collection of extraordinary Asian jewellery pieces.

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Asian Jewellery

Asian Jewellery - Accessories From the Far East

The fascination with the Far East first became established in Europe in the 18th century, when many cultural influences from countries such as China, Japan and Indochina found their way to us via the world's oceans. At that time, the life, and cultures of East and Southeast Asia seemed foreign and exotic to people of Europe - which is probably why these influences quickly found their way into art and fashion. Even today, there are still many cultural and artistic trends in China, Japan and Korea that evoke great enthusiasm here. But it doesn't always have to be modern trends - Asian jewellery, in particular, shows that a return to tradition is sometimes what makes it so fascinating. Therefore, lovers of classic Asian jewellery will find as much as satisfaction with our collection as fans of modern Asian jewellery.

Jewellery From Asia - Designs and Originals Inspired by the Far East

Asian jewellery generally refers to both pieces of jewellery that actually originate from countries such as China or Japan, as well as accessories that reflect the distinctive Asian style. In our collection of Asian jewellery, you will discover both. Japanese jewellery, with its extravagant design, is particularly popular. Japanese-inspired jewellery creations often possess a certain lightness, making colours and shapes appear particularly elegant and delicate. This applies to modern jewellery inspired by renowned Japanese artists as well as to designs by artists such as Petra Waszak, who is famous worldwide for her creations. Alongside Japanese accessories, Chinese jewellery is a favourite among fashion-conscious design lovers: Traditional motifs such as the "Shou" or "Yin and Yang" are just as much popular as mystical-looking creations made of jade.

Asian Jewellery Designs - To Give as a Gift or Keep for Yourself

Just like the jewellery objects from other epochs and countries such as Egypt, Baroque, Rococo or Greece, Asian jewellery is perfect as a gift for a special person or as a highlight for your own jewellery collection. Thanks to a wide range, you can choose between necklaces, earrings, and stud earrings as well as brooches and much more. In addition to the exclusive designs, the Asian jewellery from our collection stands for excellent craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Many pieces of jewellery are made and coloured by hand. Jade, cultured pearls, lapis lazuli and agate are just some of the precious materials used to make artistic pieces of jewellery. Thus, exceptional Asian jewellery promises to be a captivating and unique eye-catcher.