Ear Jewellery

Earrings, pendants, or stud earrings have been fashionable accessories for thousands of years. While the first known forms of ear jewellery were simpler works made of wood, bone, or stone, they have developed into filigree jewellery and are often made of precious materials such as gold, silver, or gemstones.

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Ear Jewellery

Jewellery for the Ears Is Part of Humankind's Culture

Whether earrings, pendants, stud earrings or clip-on earrings - wearing jewellery on the ears has a long tradition in almost all human cultures, both for women and men. The oldest known ear jewellery was found in Mongolia and is said to be between seven and eight thousand years old. Over the millennia, ear jewellery was at times more and at times less popular, but nowadays, it is impossible to imagine life without it as a fashion accessory.

Ear Jewellery Comes in Many Varieties

There are many diverse types of ear jewellery, which differ in the shape of the clasp: Hoop earrings are rings that are put through the ear hole and closed. On the other hand, pendant earrings are attached to a hoop and are hooked into the ear hole. A stud earring is a piece of jewellery with a small pin attached that is pushed through the ear hole and can be secured behind the ear. Finally, clip-on earrings do not require an ear hole but can be attached to the ear lobe with a simple clip mechanism. A wide variety of materials are suitable for making ear jewellery. Ear jewellery used to be made of stone, bone, and wood, but later various metals, glass, and precious metals such as gold and silver were added. Pearl earrings or jewellery with precious stones or diamonds are also extremely popular. You can find many variations in our online shop, where you can buy beautiful earrings.

Ear Jewellery in the History of Mankind

Earrings, pendants, and stud earrings are mentioned in quite different contexts in the history of humankind. They were primarily worn as jewellery and served as a sign of recognition or had practical use. In addition, they could have a symbolic character or carry a religious meaning. The ancient cultures of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were already familiar with elaborately crafted jewellery for the ears, for example, as a lucky charm. Furthermore, gold earrings are mentioned in several passages in the Bible. Earrings are said to have had a very practical use with pirates and fishers. Gold earrings are said to have been used to pay for the seamen's funerals if they drowned and were washed ashore. There are reports that earrings were considered a remedy for illnesses for a long time. Especially eye ailments were supposed to be soothed by wearing earrings. If the ear jewellery was made of particularly valuable materials, it served as a status symbol for the upper class. Today, ear jewellery is established as a fashion accessory in almost all cultures and scenes.