Copper has always been one of the most commonly used metals in art. Due to its light weight and good malleability, it is perfect for creating copper sculptures. Here, you will discover art made of copper that captivates with precise artistry as well as stylistic and thematic diversity.

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Copper Sculptures

Copper Sculptures - Art from Non-Ferrous Heavy Metal

Copper is not only a chemical element but also a so-called non-ferrous heavy metal. It is the only metal known to have a naturally reddish colour. This colour is particularly striking in sunlight: The luminous red radiates a gentle warmth, exuding an elegant luxurious look. It is precisely this aesthetic versatility of colour that makes copper the ideal material for copper sculptures, which can be designed both for garden sculptures and copper decoration for interiors, making them popular among connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

And not just today: Jewellery, tools, everyday objects - all of these have been crafted from non-ferrous heavy metal for several thousand years. Besides the appealing appearance of the material, its outstanding workability has been a primary reason. The soft yet very tough copper is ideal for creating even the most delicate copper sculptures.

Sculptures Made of Copper - Craftsmanship With Many Facets

Whether you are interested in copper sculptures for the garden or seeking copper sculptures as decoration for your interior space, our selection showcases styles of various hues. This is because many artists have dedicated themselves to the non-ferrous metal copper. While copper isn’t easily cast, it is highly suitable for cold forming. Cold rolling, drawing, bending, hammering, or folding - each artist uses their own technique or combination of different methods to shape the reddish shiny metal into their desired form. Soldering irons and welding machines are also often used. And when the copper sculpture is eventually complete, its true transformation begins. Especially copper sculptures for the garden have been created to change over time: The influence of weather and seasons results in a patina forming on the copper decoration. The bluish-green tint of this patina creates a completely new look that many copper artists deliberately anticipate from the outset.

Animal Garden Inhabitants and Abstract Sculptures - Copper Art in All Its Facets

Here, you will discover copper sculptures by famous artists as well as works by up-and-coming artists. Fall in love with the modern animal sculptures made of copper, which will enrich your garden with a few comical co-inhabitants. Be inspired by the humorous copper sculptures by Marcus Beitelhoff, or lose yourself in the extraordinary copper wall sculptures by Shawn Coffey or C. Jeré.