Humour / Caricature

Humorous sculptures combine the enjoyment of art with a large portion of fun. Placed on a desk or shelf, they quickly put you in a good mood in your everyday life. Humour is part of the concept in many styles, but sometimes it is subtle and only becomes apparent at a second glance.

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Humour / Caricature

Funny Figure or Ironic Sculpture: Humour in Sculpture

If one looks at the history of the visual arts, humours painting, and sculpture do not seem to harmonise very well at first glance. For many centuries, painting and sculpture were regarded as serious matters; even in museums, a genteel silence usually reigns. Nevertheless, art history contains numerous examples of humorous interpretations of sculptures. Thus, there are certainly witty figures in the art of sculpture. Often the artists work with subtle humour that perhaps only becomes apparent at a second glance. Especially in the 20th century, some styles emerged whose works could also have a humorous side. When Marcel Duchamp, for example, converted everyday objects in his "Readymades" or placed them in new contexts, this certainly had a comic side. Pop art or various forms of installation or performance showed subtle humour as well.

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There is always room for a funny figure or a funny statue. Placed on a shelf or a desk, the humorous figures loosen up the atmosphere and always put you in a good mood when you look at them. The humorous sculptures at ars mundi are far more than just a fun decoration. Here you will find sculptures ranging from witty to subtly ironic, with different motifs, and covering a wide variety of themes. For example, you can find some real classics of German comedy with the bulbous-nosed figures by Loriot, which have made whole generations smile. The ironic figures by Ottmar Hörl, currently one of the most important conceptual artists from Germany, are also represented in our shop. He became famous for placing hundreds or thousands of identical sculptures in public places. Guillermo Forchino's sculptures are matching many professions, but also everyday life situations. The cartoonist shows his figures in a skilful mixture of affectionate homage and ironic commentary.