Nude Sculptures

Nude sculptures do exist since antiquity. Renowned artists of various epochs, such as August Rodin during Impressionism or Johann Gottfried Schadow during Classicism, have dedicated their work to the aesthetic depiction of unclothed men and women. The artfully designed nude figure is still a popular subject today.

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Nude Sculptures

Nudes - the aesthetic representation of a naked or semi-naked person - has a long tradition in the visual arts. Throughout every epoch from the early period to the present, the nude has been a popular subject of painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. Originally, the term "nude" referred to a graphic study of the human body. However, today it refers almost exclusively to the motif of the visual arts.

Works of naked bodies as a form of art in a significant amount are mainly found from antiquity onwards. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans associated the naked body with beauty, strength and youth and carved athletes and warriors or gods in marble and stone. In Greece, from the 8th century BC onwards, there even emerged a prototypical form of representation of a statue depicting a naked young man, the so-called kouros. Numerous sculptures were created in the Mediterranean region according to this scheme. It is striking that the nude statues almost without exception show the bodies very beautifully and immaculately, which speaks for the widespread use of a very idealising and not very realistic design of the portraits.

Some important works of art history are nudes, for example, the statue of David by Michelangelo or "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin. Even some famous personalities of history immortalised themselves naked or half-naked in sculptures, for example, Napoleon Bonaparte and Charles the V.

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